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  • 1v1 : Stands for 1 versus 1 it's a duel in any game, any argu can end with a "go 1v1 ?" :p.


  • 360 no scope. : Very famous sniper trick shot where you spin 360 degrees, and you land a shot without using the scope of your weapon.


  • AAA (Triple-A) : Triple-A game is a very waited game with a high expectation from the community like Red dead redemption or Battlefield they can be expensive.

  • ACE : Single-player eliminates the entire enemy team.

  • AD : [LOL] Attack Damage: Can be basic attack or physical damage (in opposition with magic damage)

  • Add-on : A features not including in the original game but is available for download for a better experience (lots of them in WoW)

  • Admin / Administrator: : People in charge of a LAN, a tournament, or online server or website network.

  • ADR : Average Damage Rate.

  • Advergame : Practice of working in close collaboration with a corporate entity to build-in a product or brand into an online video game.

  • AFK : Away From Keyboard.

  • AFK Bio : Being AFK for Biological reason (Food, Bathroom break...).

  • Aggro : Aggressive behaviour of a player or character.

  • Agi : Means agility: Granting the player attack speed or dodge capacity. For instance, an archer has more agility, therefore faster and light during the fight.

  • AH : Auction House.

  • AI : Artificial intelligence used in a video game.

  • AimBot : Is a type of computer program bot that assists players with target aiming (Cheating programs).

  • AKA : Also known as.

  • Alpha : The very first public ( pre-release) version of a game available for purchase.

  • Alt : An alternative character used for selling and/or bank.

  • Analyst : An expert that has a deep specific understanding of esports titles, they work with pro teams, casting desks, even in journalism.

  • Anti-flash : A defensive strategy where your team denies an area with Flash grenades.

  • AoE (AE) :

    1. Area (of) effect.
    2. Age of empire game developed by Microsoft.

  • AP : [LOL] Ability power/Spell power.

  • ARAM : [LOL] All Random, All Mid. Game mode with random Champion and a one-lane map.

  • Artwork : In-game illustrations.

  • AS : Attack speed.

  • Assist : Stands for assistance, usually when you helped form an elimination but didn't actually hit the final target yourself.

  • Aura : A passive spell that affects you and the surrounding people, can be a bonus or negative effect.

  • Auto-aim : Assists and focuses on helping aim at targets. Not to be confused with Aimbot, this is mostly in solo games.

  • Auto-attack : Basic Attack.

  • Auto-run : Popular in MMORPG like WoW. It's a system where you can move your character forward with only one input (ex: Wow default input "verr-num")

  • Avatar : Your Social in-game representation as a player. Shown on websites or on internet. Your pseudo is your name and the avatar is your face :)


  • B.O : Build Order.

  • B1, B2, B3... : Abbreviation for Base 1, Base 2, Base 3... (Used in RTS)

  • Balance : Concept and the practice applied to any multiplayer game. The editor's ability to tie the game to make it fairer for everyone.

  • Ban : Banish/Banishment.

  • Baron Nashor : Neutral Monster on the league of legends map provides a big advantage to the team who slays him.

  • Base race : When both teams or players are not in battle straight away but are focusing the enemy bases to win.

  • Battle-pass : In-game buyable content that gives you challenges or missions. It rewards players for playing well and often.

  • Beat them all/up : Type of gameplay where you only need to go forward (or up) and kill everything on your way.

  • Beta : One step after the alpha but quite the same thing with (in theory ;p) fewer bugs and more players allowed.

  • BG :

    1. Battleground: PVP scenarios in WOW.
    2. BAD GAME used at the and of any game.

  • BL : Bad Luck.

  • Bli² : Diminutive for BliBli (Blizzard the famous game developers).

  • Bli² : Diminutive for BliBli (Blizzard the famous game developers).

  • Blue side : [LOL] Blue side (left side) your nexus (base structure) is bottom left of the square map (in opposition to the red side).

  • BM : Bad manners.

  • BO1, BO3, BO5 : Best of 1, Best of 3, Best of 5. Maximum amount of games in the series. You need to win more than half to win. For example in a BO3, the first with 2 victories win.

  • Board : In a virtual card game, the board is the "virtual table" where you put your card.

  • Boost(er) :

    1. A pack of carts in a carts game (Virtual or not).
    2. A bonus for an attack or any capacity in any game.
    3. In FPS a boost is when you crouch and your teammate jump on you to have a better point of you or reach the higher ground.

  • Bootleg : Referred to in the US as Cracked Version (illegal copy of a game).

  • Boss : Big monster or Powerful NPC that needs a strategy to face him.

  • Bot :

    1. Artificial intelligence (roBOT).
    2. Also short for Bot Lane or Bot Side in MOBA game.

  • Botlane : The bottom lanes of a MOBA map.

  • BP : Basepoint or Bomb point used in FPS like CS or R6.

  • Bracket : A bracket is a diagram that represents the series of games played during a tournament.

  • Brain(ed) : Brain or getting brained, It's when someone outplays his opponent, being smarter than him.

  • Brb : Be Right Back.

  • Bruiser : Polyvalent fighter in MOBA that allies Resistance and damage (in lol: Jax or Irelia for example).

  • Buff : Spell that increases your and/or your allie's capacity.

  • Burst : When a character deals a huge amount of damage in a short time-lapse.


  • Campe / Camping : Staying in one particular position in an FPS for an easy kill. It Could be considered skilless, but is known as a competitive strategy.

  • Cancel :

    1. In versus fighting, cancel is when you stop your current attack could be for any reason (forcing a defensive play, dodge, faking an attack).
    2. In RTS you can cancel the construction of building.

  • Carry : Carry in MOBA are characters that are supposed to deal with damage in a fight in opposition with tanks. The carry is also someone that winning the game by himself in any game.

  • Caster :

    1. In-game, it regroups all classes that using a magic spell from a distance.
    2. Gaming term for a commentator in live events.

  • Casual : Casual (gamer) this is when you are playing occasionally in opposition with the hardcore gamer.

  • CC : Crowd Control attack or spell that disturbs your opponent's movement like a stun spell or a freeze spell.

  • CD : Stands for "Cooldown" delay, you need to wait to reuse your spell.

  • CDR : Cooldown Reduction.

  • Cfg : Stands for Configuration, A file that configures the game in an optimal way it can change between the players (not necessary for Casual or beginner).

  • Cheat : Using a forbidden program that modifies the game to help you win (Aimbot, Wallhack, Scripting).

  • Checkpoint : Mandatory path in a racing game to force the player to use a specific way.

  • Cheese : Unusual strategy to win fast with surprise effect most of the time risky and all in.

  • Circuit : For esport, it's the entire esports tournament for a game during a competitive year.

  • Combo : A combination of several actions that makes more damage to your target.

  • Counterspell : Also, CS or kick it's a specific spell that stops the casting of an enemy spell.

  • CPL :

    1. Cyberathlete Professional League. Use to be the most important esport contest ended up in 2008 CPL.
    2. It's the name of some specifics smoke strategy in CSGO.

  • CQB : Close Quarter Combat, close fighting zone where you need to use other weapons and strategies.

  • Creep Score : Amount of creeps or neutral monsters killed.

  • Critical hit : In any game you have some critical hit it's a stronger attack, in general it depends on the percentage of a critical chance you got.

  • Crowd Control : The capacity of a spell to apply controls (stun snare).

  • CWL : Call of duty World league.


  • Damage : Amount of life points inflicted in one hit or one combo.

  • Damage over time : (DOT) Damage on a certain amount of time (ex: poison, Fire/burning spells)

  • Debuff : It's the opposite of a buff, this is a passive that spell you put on your enemy that will harass him, downgrade his defence, or anything that will annoy the enemy during a certain time.

  • Defloss : It's a default loss, which means a forfeit loss.

  • Defwin : It's a default win, which means a forfeit win.

  • Deny: : Contest some creeps, some gold, some areas... deny is deprive your enemy of resources.

  • Dive : In MOBA games, a dive is attacking and killing an enemy character under an enemy turret, most of the time with the help of your team.

  • DLC : Downloadable Content in a game, most of the time buyable.

  • DOT : Damage over time.

  • DPS : Damage per second.

  • Draft : Preparation before a game with a picks/ban phase about champions or maps, it has a height strategic importance, especially in MOBA.


  • E-games : It's competitive video games. Esports terms is a more popular one. 

  • Eco : Round where you're not buying anything or only secondary weapons to save money and focus on the next rounds (Used in tactical FPS like CS or Valorant).

  • Elo : Elo is a rating system in many games it comes from Arpad Elo a physic professor who made a rating system for chess.

  • Elo hell : Used in any Elo rating game to talk about the lowers ranks where you're supposed to be stuck (but sometimes this is just your rank :p).

  • Entry-fragger : Member of a CSGO team who goes first with hard and important peaks.

  • ESL : Electronic Sports League very hold and important Esport organization.

  • Esport : Electronic sports, all the professional gaming environment with organizations, teams, coaches, and competitions.

  • ESWC : Esport world convention Big esport event in France currently at the Paris games week every year.


  • F2P : Free to play: It's when a game is free to download and most of the time you have some skins and cosmetics buyable with real money, it can be pay to win too, but this is rare in our western region.

  • Facecheck : In MOBA It's when you have no visions, and you need to check bushes or go deep in the fog of war with no ward or any spell to check around you, you are facecheking when you are checking with your face it's very risky, but when you're behind sometimes you have no choice.

  • Farm : Repeating the same action over and over, it can be killing creeps, gathering minerals, plants, or any in-game points. It also can be an expression, for example "At the moment I'm farming CSGO" which means I am playing a lot.

  • Feed : In MOBA being fed is when a character is getting powerful because he is snowballing and gaining gold and stuff if someone said that you are feeding it means that you are giving many kills, creeps, and gold to the opponents.

  • FF :

    1. Friendly fire can be an in-game option, meaning that you are able to do damage to your teammate.
    2. Forfait "go ff" when you think it's lost, and you want to surrender.

  • FFA : Free for all means that you are not tryharding you are playing for fun not in a competitive optic as been popular with CS servers.

  • First blood/first kill : This is the first kill of the game, it can give an additional reward.

  • First Person Shooter : First-Person Shooter is the type of game like r6 or CS you can't see your character, you see only the weapons.       

  • Flanking : When a character or a part of an army (in RTS) is attacking the side when the enemy is focused on the main front.

  • Flick shot : When someone is aiming somewhere but his enemy coming somewhere else if our shooter is correcting his aim at the last moment to get a kill or a hit this is a flick shot (those can be very impressive especially with a sniper rifle)

  • Flood : When someone is spamming massage in a chat or a forum, he is flooding.

  • Focus : The focus is the main target, it can be the main damage dealer of the enemy team or the best player.

  • Fog of war : In many RTS or MOBA, you can't see far on the enemy side because of it. The fog is the dark area where you have no visions.

  • Force-buy : Force buy is a Tactical FPS situation (CSGO/Valorant) where you're supposed to eco but to surprise your opponent or because you have no choice you and your team buy everything they can (kevlar, shotguns, PM) it's risky, but the surprise effect can be on your side.

  • FPS :

    1. First person shooter.
    2. Frame per second.

  • Frag : Frag is a point in FPS, in general, one kill is a frag.

  • FTW : For The Win !


  • GA :

    1. Gamer assembly, a pretty popular french LAN.
    2. GA also mean Guardian Angel, which is an item in LOL.

  • Gank : In League of Legends, this is a flanking attack from jungle to lanes in the early phases of the game, in theory by the junglers in laning phase.

  • Gather : Meet up for competitive games with people that you don't know, used on GS.

  • Ghost : In a racing game, a ghost is the you from the past used to challenge yourself.

  • GL : Good luck.

  • Glitch : Bugs that give you an advantage (go true walls, bug map) super used in Speedruns but forbidden in competitive games.

  • GM :

    1. Stands for Guild Master in MMORPG
    2. Also, a ladder grade in several competitive games: Grand Masters

  • Gosu : God of Starcraft Universe, use for any God tier player in RTS.

  • Grats : Congratulation.

  • Gun Round : First Round in Tactical FPS like CS or Valorant, where you only have money for Handguns.


  • Harass : Harassing attack who are not supposed to kill but to disturb your opponent, for example, it can be a poke spell in MOBA or a runby in RTS.

  • HE Grenade: : High Explosive Grenade, it's the most classic damage grenade in CSGO.

  • Herald : In LOL the rift Herald is the third-best neutral monster on the summoners rift he spawns at 8 min and despawns at 19'50 if you or your team defeat him you can pick up his eye, with it, you can summon the Herald he will charge on an enemy turret and do significant damage.

  • Hit marker : When you hit in an FPS game and the game gives you the information that you touch your target, usually with a marker around the crosshair.

  • Hit Scan : In FPS, a hit scan is a shoot without travel-time (ex: AWP in CS or Ana/Widowmaker in OW).

  • HitBox : This is the area where you can get hit or hit an in-game thing or enemy.

  • HL : High level.

  • HP : Hitpoints, your health in any game.


  • IA : Artificial intelligence.

  • IEM : Stand for Intel Extreme Master it's a famous international esport tournament.

  • IF : Ironforge, the dwarfs capital in WOW.

  • IG : In-Game, it's everything that happens in the game, in opposition with IRL.

  • Imba : Means Imbalance it's a negative way to say that something in-game is not balanced.

  • INT :

    1. Short pour intentional feeding used in MOBA.
    2. INT can also be short for intelligence, which can be part of your character stats in RPG.

  • IRL : In Real Life, which is the opposite of "In-game".


  • Jungle : In Moba this is the spaces and ways between lanes, there are monsters and bushes jungle is dangerous because you have no visions, you need to use wards and plants, you have no creeps or towers to help you out.

  • Jungler : In Moba the jungle is one of the 5 roles. The jungle have a distance duel with the enemy jungler he doesn't have any lane or straight opponent, he needs to farm monsters in the jungle and ganks his lanes to helps his team.


  • Kite / Kitting : this is going back while hitting his enemy, in many cases, you get kited when you are playing a melee character against a range one who can slow you down. kitting can be associate with hit and run.


  • L2P : This is BM or rage :) ! it means Learn to play.

  • Lag : When your game is not fluent because of bad connection or frames per seconds problemes.

  • Lamer : A lamer is a player that uses a simple but efficient strategy. In a Moba this will be the player who is spamming strong champ or an FPS the OP weapons.

  • LAN : Local area network. When you meet with your friend for local games, a Lan can also be organized for the public with subscription and the best of those are now big esport events like Dreamhack.

  • LAN BYOC : Means Bring Your Own Computer this side tournament is lans where indeed you need to bring your stuff.

  • Last hit : Very important in LOL and some other MOBA, you need to do the last hit on the creeps this is your main gold resources being able to last hit properly is basics.

  • Levelling : First (big) step in an MMORPG, you need to climb level max.

  • LFG : Looking for a group (Or LFT for team), used in any game but mostly in MMORPG.

  • LMAO : Laughing my ass off ...

  • Loot : Loots are items you get after killing a monster or opening a chest in an RPG game, in general smaller is the loot rate better is the loot.

  • Lore : The whole storyline in the background of a game it can be more or less important, it's very important in a Solo game (Assassin's Creed) but sometimes not very developed (LOL) or completely non-existent (CS).

  • LU : Line-Up is the team comp (the players).

  • Lvl up : When reaching a new level in an RPG or any game.


  • Macro :

    1. Macro can be a keybinding that allows you to do only one input for a certain amount of in-game action.
    2. Macro or Macro game is the big strategic picture of a game, this is in opposition with Microgame.

  • Micro : In opposition with macro, this is the management of your character or your units, it excludes strategy it only involves mechanical skills.

  • Midlane : In MOBA Midlane or "mid" in the middle lane, this is the shortest way between two bases.

  • Mmorpg : MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

  • Mob : Design a Monster or a hostile NPC but it stands for "Mobile object"

  • MOBA : Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, a multiplayer game like LOL or DOTA.

  • MR : Magic resist is the stats that allow you to tank magic damage, mainly used in LOL.

  • Mt : The Main Tank is the player who is supposed to protect his teammate with a big amount of HP and defensive skills.


  • Nashor Dance : In a LOL game, this is when both teams are turning around Baron Nashor setting up visions, forcing TP, forcing mistakes.

  • Nexus : The most important building in League of Legends, Destroying the Nexus is the only way to win the game.

  • No life : A No life is an old way to talk about a video game addict.

  • Noob : This is a negative way to talk about a beginner, it's also used as flaming.

  • Np : No problem.


  • OOM : Out of mana.

  • OP : Overpowered when the community judge a character or a weapon too strong


  • Pat : Stands for patrols, very used in MMORPG's PVE content.

  • Patch : Game editor update or game modifications.

  • PGM : it means Pro Gamer but used for any skilled player.

  • Pick : In Moba during the draft, you are making picks and bans a pick is picking a champion (or a MAP in RTS/FPS).

  • Ping :

    1. you ping reflect the quality of your internet connection, the higher it is, the more you lag.
    2. Ping can be a signal on the map or minimap to keep your team aware about different situations.

  • Pk : Means player killer, it's used in MMORPG that allows players to fight each other in the open world (not in a specific duel or battleground).

  • PL : Power levelling is when you are easily climbing lvl or ranking because someone better is playing on your account (he can be paid for that) or if you are always playing with someone much better than you.

  • Plz : Please.

  • Poke : Harassing opponents with a long-range spell.

  • Popo : potion.

  • Proc : Programmed Random Occurrence when an item or an ability is supposed to do something special for example your sword has 36% chance to set your enemy on fire, when this happens it's a "Proc".

  • Pull : Attacking and NPC enemy from distance to bring him where you want to fight him.

  • Push : Attacking in force in any game. Very used in Moba where pushing is attacking tower, base, or advancing on your lane facing your opponent.

  • PvE : Player versus Environnement. It is playing against AI enemy (bots, monsters, Boss etc..).

  • PvP : Player versus Player.


  • Ragequit : When someone is losing, raging, and leaving intentionally the game.

  • Range : Range is used to talk about a range unit or character with ranged weapons in opposition with melee.

  • Red : Stand for red buff, who gives increased damage and a small movement speed bonus on hit.

  • Red side (LoL) : Team playing from the top side of the map, pick and ban in second during the draft.

  • Rekt : From Wrecked means destroy.

  • Respawn : Réaparition of a monster or something in the game, same as repop.

  • Rez : Resurrection.

  • River : The River cross the map from bot right to top left in LoL summoner's rift.

  • ROFL : Rolling on the floor laughing.

  • Roleplay : When you embody your character you act like your character would have respected the lore, you are not approaching the game in a competitive way.

  • Root : When you're getting root you can't move or can't do any moving spell, but you can defend yourself where you are.

  • Rotate / Rotation :

    1. In Moba: Moving around the map using visions, you get to focus on the right objectives, pushing lanes etc ...
    2. Very used in RL. The classic rotation is too to always have someone in defence, someone on the ball and the last going back getting boost.

  • Roxor : It's a good player.

  • Runboost : Used in FPS games, it's like a classic boost but with the bottom player running to synchronize with the guy on top to get momentum and surprise your opponent with a fast positioning or a big jump.

  • Rush : In every game, rushing is playing fast and forward to surprise your opponent.


  • Silence : We are saying reduce to silence when you can't use any spell because of some enemy abilities.

  • Simracing : Esport discipline based on car racing simulation.

  • Skillcap : Maximum skill possible applied to a player, a game, a weapon, or a champion.

  • Skin : Option of customization in various games, skin is another model for your character in-game, in general, you got it has a reward, in cases, or you can buy it.

  • Smurf : A smurf is a second account with another name and in general a lower elo than the main one.

  • Snare : Spell that root your opponent, disturbing their movements.

  • Spawn : Spawn is the fact that you or anything is entering the game (same as pop/repop), and it's also the area where you start playing (Terrorist/antiterroriste spawn in CS).

  • SpeedHack : A cheating program that makes you run way faster than it should be.

  • Speedrun : It can be considered as esport, speed run is trying to finish games as fast as possible. There is a big community about that.

  • Splash damage : After a hit from an attack or a spell that deals splash damage, the area around the target is also affected.

  • Stamina : Exist in many games, it can be your energy, your capacity to run, jump or block.

  • Strafe : Moving left or right but aiming straight.

  • String : Used in fighting games, a string is an input combo that is not unstoppable, the opponent can avoid it with some very precise inputs. An unstoppable string is called a full combo.

  • Stuff :

    1.  In many games, your stuff is your armour and weapons it can also be everything you are carrying.
    2.  In CSGO stuffs is your grenades.

  • Stun : Spell that immobilizes and interrupts spell casting.

  • Support : Support is a character with healing and peeling capacity but in general, has low damage, he is helping and playing with teammates.

  • Swaplane : In MOBA you are assigned to a lane, so sometimes you can swap it to surprise your enemy.


  • T1, T2, T3 : Tower 1, 2, 3.

  • Tag :

    1. Short names for teams
    2. When you're queuing for a game or an in-game event
    3. Spraying tags on walls with funny stuff or anything like in OW or CS

  • Tank : In many games, the tank is a character who can resist for a long time, he is here to force the enemy to focus on him (Reinhart in OW, Sion in LOL, or tanks warriors in WOW).

  • Taunt : Provocation from your enemy, ability that forces the enemy to hit you.

  • Team fight : Big strategic fight including several members of each team, used in MOBA.

  • Toplane : In MOBA it's the top way of the map, it's in theory a solo lane with a toplaner playing solo.

  • Tower dive : In MOBA attacking someone to kill him under his turret.

  • Toxicity : Used for a player or a group of players that intentional lose, insults, or any kind of bad behaviour that detriments the game.

  • TP : Teleportation.

  • Trade : Trade can obviously be any exchange but is also a small fight phase, this word is very used in MOBA.

  • Try hard : Playing very focused and trying to play very optimally to win.


  • Unbalanced : When a champion or a weapon is supposed to be too strong, and the editors need to balance it.


  • VR : VR stands for virtual reality.


  • W8 : Wait.

  • Wallhacks : Cheating program used to see true the walls.

  • Walling : In RTS protecting your economy by blocking enemies with walls and secondary buildings.

  • Wave : Wave of enemy or wave of creeps, very used in tower defence game and Mobas.

  • Wipe : When the entire team is dying or getting kills, very used in MMORPG.

  • WP : well played.

  • WTB : Want to buy.

  • WTH : What the hell.


  • XP : experients points.


  • Zoning : Controlling the zone to keep your opponents where you want them to be.