January 5, 2022
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2022 is here, and as always, the start of the year is a bit quiet when it comes to esports. However, as we will be seeing in just a few, there are still plenty of events to watch in the coming days and weeks of January.

So, if you are looking to catch with this year in esports right from the beginning, this article is for you. Here are what’s happening in some of the biggest sports titles this month.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike fans will have to wait until February to watch the new, exciting line-ups from teams like FaZe Clan and G2. However, that doesn’t mean that Valve’s first-person shooter will be out of the action until then.

Right away, you can already start following WePlay Academy League Season 3. The $12.000 event gives academy teams such as Na’Vi Jr and MOUZ NXT a chance to shine, and the production value is actually quite high! The event started on the 3rd and will go until the 16th.

Then, later this month, on January 18th, it’ll be time for the FunSpark ULTI 2021 Finals. This is a second-tier event featuring interesting teams such as ECSTATIC and Extra Salt. Don’t skip it just because it’s not a high tier event, though, CSGO second-tier competition has never been this interesting, and if you’re a fan of North American CS, then this will be a chance to see Extra Salt in action. Of course, this will be the first event for BIG with their new player, too. Of course, we’ll also have another tournament in the same level as the FunSpark one. On the 17th, the fifth Malta Vibes Knockout Series will kick-off. The events’ team list has yet to be announced, but it will feature 40 squads, and it will be played online starting on the 17th.

Besides those two events, CS:GO fans can look forward to ESEA Cash Cups over the weekends of the month. These events feature lower-tier events from North America and Europe as well as some mix teams.

DotA 2

Fans of DotA 2 are already aware that the action for Valve’s MOBA title just took a small break in the holidays before resuming in these last couple of days. The regional DPCs events are back, and we’ve already seen some great matches, such as Invictus Gaming and Royal Never Give Up series on the Chinese DPC. The North American and West European DPCs will go until January 19th. The Chinese, South American and East European DPCs will go until January 21st. Finally, the Southeast Asian DPC will go until January 22nd. These dates are valid for both Division I and II.

Besides the events in Valve’s circuit, we’ll also be seeing a couple of side events too. The QH Sports DotA Series 3 has already begun, and it features some underdogs like Execration and 496. The event will go until January 23rd. The DotA 2 Champions League 2021 Season 6 is also going on, and the event is already in its playoffs stage. There, we have teams from Eastern Europe like Natus Vincere and Nemiga, and we will be soon knowing who takes the trophy as the event ends on the 11th.

Halo Infinite

343 Industries’ most recent release is having a busy January. So far, we already had the opening ‘Pro Series’ tournaments in Europe, Mexico and Oceania. However, there’s still time to catch up for the North American Pro Series, which kicks off on January 6th.

As for what’s coming in the next weeks, we’ll have three other Pro Series tournaments for each one of the four regions mentioned above, one for each week of January. Of course, alongside those we will also be having the various Open Series tournaments over the month.


League of Legends will have to wait until February before the next season of the LCS, but the League of Legends European Championship will be starting next Friday (14th). The LEC Spring 2022 features the best European teams in League of Legends, and you’ll won’t want to miss it. You can check the opening games here.

Alongside with this season of the LEC Spring, fans will also be catching up with the seventh season of ULTRALIGA, which features ten teams from Poland. Later in the month we’ll also see two smaller events, the second division of Prime League, as well as the first stage of the Open Tour France starting.


VALORANT won’t be having some premier action until February too, but there’s plenty of matches already going on. For example, Gamers Galaxy VALORANT 2021 is reaching its final stage, which is going to be played offline and starts on January 8th.

As for events that have yet to start, the Southeast Asian focused Zotac Cup will start on January 16th, and it packs a $15.000 prize pool. Later in the month we’ll also see the first stage of the Oceania Tour starting.

For fans of North American VAL, then we’ll also be seeing the NSG Winter Championships in Philadelphia and Denver, which are offline events packing a $10.000 prize pool each. The first one starts on January 8th, while Denver’s championship is set to begin on the 22nd.

Also, later on the month, on the 28th, we’ll see the closed qualifier for the first stage of the Spanish VALORANT Regional League. This online event will feature eight teams from Spain, Portugal and Italy, and the champion will win a spot to the VALORANT Rising: Stage 1.

January has already started

2022 is here, and so is esports. As we have seen above, we already have seen a couple of events starting or resuming from the holidays season. However, January is one of the slowest months in esports, so the action will only get hotter from now on.

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