January 18, 2022
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The Winter Rocket League Championship Series has already started earlier this week. Now, while some of the regional events are coming to an end, others are kicking off this week. One of these is the Europe regional, which certainly is one of the most anticipated events of the month.

So, while it’s just a few days until the event, let’s take the opportunity to review the event. Here’s everything you need to know, as well as the key storylines for each group in the tournament.


The first event in the RLCS Winter Europe Regional circuit is starting this Friday (21st), at 4:00 PM UTC. You can see through this page which time that is in your current location. The event will be played offline, and you’ll be able to follow all the action through Rocket League’s official Twitch channel.

As for the tournament format, the Winter Regional #1 will be a two-stage event. First, the group stage will see four groups of four teams each playing in Round Robin. (You can see the groups in the image above.) All matches are going to be best-of-five series, and if two teams end tied up with the same record, a tiebreaker match will be played. If three teams are tied, then a set of tiebreaker rules will be applied. The top team of each group advances to the playoffs’ UP, while 2nd a 3rd places advance to the lower-bracket, and the fourth team is eliminated. Then, the playoffs are going to be played in a double-elimination bracket, with all matches being BO7s but the first two rounds of the lower-bracket.

Finally, the event is packing a USD $100.000 prize pool, and a total of 2511 circuit points. The winning team will take home $30.000 and 351 circuit points, and this concludes the basic details for the tournament. Now, here’s the storylines for each one of the four groups of the competition.


Team BDS is making a strong case to be considered the best Rocket League squad in the world, and after winning the Fall Major, it’s hard to see them dropping the ball here. While they might be challenged in the playoffs, it’s hard to see BDS having a difficult match in Group A.

However, the rest of the group is wide open. TEA is certainly looking promising after qualifying for this region undefeated. Then both 00 Nation and Singularity are both looking fairly strong, and they both will put a heavy fight for the third, if not second place in this competition.

Overall, don’t sleep on this group. Sure, BDS might breeze past their opponents here, but Sergio “AtomiK” Pérez Cortés’ TEA squad is already growing a fanbase and could be the ones to put the hardest fight against BDS. And both 00 Nation and Singularity know how important this event is for each of them, and they will most certainly go above and beyond to get a spot in the playoffs.


Dignitas, Misfits, Rix.GG and Team Queso can all be considered underdogs of sorts. Of course, these teams play against different levels of competition, but they still aren’t the favorites in their tiers.

At the same time that this is a group of underdogs, there’s a clear favorite here: Dignitas. The yellow-colored brand is currently ranked in 3rd place in the RLCS circuit, and they have been putting good performances across the entire 2021-22 season.

After Dignitas, though, then it will be a very interesting fight against the remaining three. Misfits missed the Fall Major and they have yet to show a good performance since the organization debuted in Rocket League.

As for Team Queso, they are far from their peak, but the new squad they signed back in September is slowly improving, and this region will be very important for them to grow up. Lastly, we have Rix. Unfortunately, Rix.GG are playing with a stand-in, and while Jack “Speed” Packwood is an incredible player, they are in a disadvantage nonetheless.

Group B has one favorite, and one clear underdog. It’ll be interesting to see how the two teams in the middle evolve, and if Dignitas can advance to the playoffs untouched, or if they will let themselves be upset once again.


SMPR, one of the best teams in European Rocket League is starting their run on the Winter Regionals here. They aren’t the only attraction in this group, though, as Evil Geniuses and William Resolve both will be pretty interesting to follow too.

For starters, SMPR is having an incredibly strong season and their 4th place at the Fall Major is a statement of how good they have been. They are the favorites of this group, although they might see some challenge from the two aforementioned teams.

These teams are, once again, Evil Geniuses and William Resolve. Since their return to Rocket League last year, EG have been seeing glimpses of greatness. However, these haven’t been enough so far. So, coming to this regional, they can’t afford to show anything but a strong performance. Evil Geniuses needs to qualify, and they need to show that they made the most out of this break. WR, in the other hand, has mostly competed in the lower tier events so far. Yet, they went undefeated through the closed qualifier, and their performance there was quite dominant besides what map record shows.

Finally, we can’t forget about Kuxir’s Minions. They didn’t impress much at the closed qualifiers, but this roster still has some potential. It’s great to see the veteran Francesco “kuxir97” Cinquemani leading a new roster, but considering their competition, it will be an uphill battle for them.


All groups in this Winter Regional had a clear favorite. Team BDS, Dignitas, SMPR all will be heading to the competition with high chances of getting through undefeated. However, this, won’t be happening in Group D, the group of death of this event.

First, we have Endpoint and Team Vitality, two of the best teams in Rocket League right now. Endpoint has been one of the most promising up-and-coming teams from Europe, and Team Vitality, while established, isn’t quite solid as they want to be. These two alone already set a very interesting storyline going for this group, but it’s not all going on here.

Karmine Corp is also in this group, and while they missed the Fall Major, they still were a dangerous team in the Fall circuit, and should not be underestimated by any means. They can – and will – be more than ready to upset any squad around.

Finally, we have Natus Vincere. Na’Vi reached the brink of elimination in the closed qualifier but managed to bounce back and qualified to this regional. It’s clear that Nelson “virtuoso” Lasko could help this team develop in long-term, but for now, he’ll need time for adapt, and until he does, Na’Vi won’t be quite the contender yet.

Group D has a lot of storylines going, and you won’t want to miss any games from it. Can Natus Vincere show something better than they did at the closed qualifier? Will Vitality manage to step up and take first place, or Endpoint is the one advancing to the UB? And where Karmine Corp stands in the overall picture?

The First Winter Regional Starts Soon

Make sure to tune up to Rocket League official channels this Friday. You won’t want to miss any game from this tournament! And make sure to follow us here in order to not miss a beat about everything related to esports.