December 6, 2021
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It’s finally here. After an eventful year in Rocket League’s professional scene, the final premier event of the year is set to start later this week. The RL Championship Series Fall Split will be the event to close 2021 for the ever-growing esport title.

So, if you’re excited for it like us, you certainly won’t want to miss a beat of the upcoming $300.000 LAN event. Fortunately, we got you covered, and here you’ll find everything you need to know about this event, as well as five key storylines going into the event.


This season’s Fall Split Major will be kicking off this Wednesday, December 8th, 4:00 PM UTC. You can check the starting time in your time zone through this handy link. The opening games of the event will feature Ground Zero going against EnVy, and Dignitas facing off Tokyo Verdy. Furthermore, you will be able to follow all the action through Rocket League’s official channels on Twitch and YouTube.

As for the event format, the Major is a two-stage tournament. First, we will be having a Swiss Stage with the 16 teams that qualified to the tournament, and all matches will be best-of-five. The top eight teams will advance to the playoffs, which will run a single-elimination bracket. In the playoffs, all matches but the grand-finals are BO7s, while the finals will be a best-of-three set for BO7 games. The winning team will be taking home $90.000, and 601 circuit points.

Finally, the Fall Split Major will be played from an ESL studio in Stockholm. All matches will be played offline, but no crowds will be present. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the event’s opening schedule:




NRG, one of the most successful organizations in Rocket League, had an incredible year in 2021. Having won all of the three North American Majors this year, NRG is easily the best team of the region coming to the Fall Split Major.

However, it has been a long while since we last saw an intercontinental event in Rocket League, and this is why NRG’s storyline is so interesting. This squad isn’t new at international LAN events, but after so long, can they still be the dominant force they were back in Season 8, for example?

Back in Season 8, Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon and Justin “jstn.” Morales had incredible performances, but so did Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver. Turbopolsa, their old teammate is now playing for EnVy, and is one of the most accomplished players in the scene. Turbo was replaced last year with Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda, one of the most popular Rocket League players in North America. However, since then, we have yet to see how NRG fares against international competition.

It’s not like NRG got any worst since they have added Squishy. As mentioned above, they have been America’s best team, and if there’s one team fans would want to represent the NA region, it’s NRG. However, it’s hard to ignore the impact that the online era caused to these teams.

Still, underestimating NRG for just a bit is a serious mistake to make. This trio is incredibly rounded-up, and they will be pushing any opponent they face in the Fall Split to their limits. It’s just a matter of shutting any doubts and showing to the world that NRG is the best team around. Be it in North America, or in the entire world.


Just like NRG, 2021 has been quite the year for Endpoint – albeit not at the same level. The European squad hasn’t won any Major, but they have been performing very well. So well, that they’re the highest ranked team in the European RLCS circuit.

Furthermore, Endpoint has been showing some good signs in the weeks leading to the Fall Split Major. They managed to win Europe’s RE3: Europe Grand Prix with just one loss during the event’s Swiss stage, and before that, they also had won the Fall Europe Open after defeating Team BDS in the grand-finals.

Overall, Endpoint still needs to show more before fans start calling them favorites, but it’s clear that they have found a good formation. Now, they need to break through the ranks, and the Fall Split Major is the place to do it. Endpoint are coming as the underdogs, but incredibly strong underdogs that could take a game from the favorites and end on the top of the event. Watch out!


Due to the pandemic, it has been a while since we last saw a truly premier Oceanian event. Differently than Europe and North America, though, in Oceania we saw pure dominance in the past months coming from Ground Zero and Renegades.

Now, after a successful dominant season, both teams are coming to the Fall Split Major, and they can’t disappoint. After all, they’re representing a region that just had their first Championship, and it will need investment going forward to be rebuilt.

At the same time, though, it’s difficult to know what to expect from either team. After almost two years of isolation, every team will struggle a bit in the event, but the Oceania region isn’t as competitive as EU or NA. This means that these teams will be heavily counting on their previous encounters, as they are the best squads from their region. The rivalry between the two will be key to their performance in the Fall Split Major.

Again, at the same time that it’s hard to expect much from Ground Zero and Renegades, their region is counting on them. It’s time to bring the spotlights to Oceania, and show that OCE Rocket League can compete with the rest of the world.


After winning both Winter and Spring European Majors in Rocket League, Team BDS was one of the strongest teams in the region. Since then, however, the team took a dip. Besides losing the European Championship to Vitality, Team BDS also failed to meet expectations at the BMW RL Open and European Grand Prix, finishing in 3 – 4th in both after loses to Dignitas and SMPR respectively.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that everything is lost to Team BDS, but it’s clear that the squad has been figured by their opponents. This means that Team BDS needs to rebuild their game plan at the very least. However, another issue pointed recently is about

Marc “MaRc_By_8.” Domingo possible performance at a LAN event. He hasn’t proven himself, and could end being the weak link in this roster.

Team BDS has a strong foundation, but it’s clear that the momentum they had earlier in the year is gone. If they want to survive at the Fall Split Major and keep their spot in the European RLCS circuit, BDS will go through some major system changes – and there’s always a risk in that.


NRG’s campaign in 2021 is the best we saw in North America, but G2 is just behind them. While G2 hasn’t seen the same level of success as NRG, their recent improvements make them heavy candidates to take on the favorites. After all, G2 has managed to win against NRG recently. This, combined with winning the NA’s Fall Classic will only help their momentum.

To make matters better for G2, the team is looking unstoppable. The squad has only lost one game in both Haunted Hallows Cup and Fall Classic. Moreover, they have managed to be mostly dominant in both events. This is a great sign to this squad which could end as the dark horse of the Fall Split Major.

Still, just like NRG, G2 will have to survive the initial LAN scare that might put many at disadvantage early on. G2 doesn’t have a roster as accomplished as NRG after all, so doubts about them bringing their online momentum to Stockholm are more persistent.

Nonetheless, the Fall Split Major is an opportunity for G2. It’s their chance to rise above NRG after all. Plus, it’s their time to take the spotlights from teams like Vitality, BDS, EnVy and NRG. G2 has been very close of doing that plenty of times already. In most of them, though, they lacked that one final piece of the puzzle, which they might have this time.


In less than a week, Rocket League fans will be catching up with the Fall Split Major. This is the first offline event in almost two years for the game! To make sure you don’t miss a beat, make sure to follow us here!