March 1, 2022
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Rocket League fans have seen plenty of action during these past couple of weeks. After over ten Regional Events, we are one team away from the complete roster list heading to RLCS’ Winter Major, which is set to kick off later this month.

So, let’s take this brief moment before the Rocket League esports community enters in full hype mode, and let’s see the main takeaways from this season’s circuit!


NRG is coming to the Winter Major.

To kick off things, we’ve to say it: North American Rocket League is looking good. As much as some may deny it, and see the scene as the same one that can’t have more than two or three contenders at the same time, this isn’t the case. Instead, we had a very competitive season for the scene. Sure, we had clear favorites as G2 and NRG which didn’t disappoint, but the rivalry in the lower levels definitely was entertaining.

For most of the season, we saw strong performances from the likes of Oxygen, Spacestation Gaming and Version1. We also had Complexity, EnVy and Rogue with strong showings at determined events, too. Finally, we can’t forget to mention the qualifiers for the regionals either! During those, we saw many interesting teams popping up, such as Randoms in the final regional.

Overall, North America as a region have managed to keep developing despite the online era. Teams like Randoms coming up and actually doing damage is the perfect proof of that. And as for the two underdogs from the NA region heading to the Major, Spacestation and Version1, they definitely can pull some serious upsets against European teams. Version1, especially, seems to be quite in form and they could be the surprise of the event. Don’t overlook North America.


Team Secret came back to RLCS just in time for the Winter Major.

Rocket League always had its share of interesting squads coming from the South America region. Since the region got a spot at the Rocket League Championship Series, though, we’ve yet to see a real contender from there. Now, while it’ll take some time until we see a Brazilian roster pushing the likes of NRG or Team BDS to their limits, they have improved. Now, the Winter Major is going to be the place to show it.

Fortunately, though, the Brazilian scene just got a massive roster in the past few days as their regional circuit came to an end. Team Secret returned to Rocket League and signed the promising trio who previously played as Erased. During their time under Noble, this team always show potential, but they struggled when it mattered the most. This ended during right at the start of the Winter circuit, where they kicked off by winning the first South American Regional.

It’s great to see more challengers coming from another region. And being honest – Rocket League could use it. Now, it’s up to Secret and FURIA to make some waves later this month in the United States. It’s a key moment for their region in Rocket League after all.


Sandrock shined at the Fall Major and now they want to repeat their performance at the Winter event.

Many teams were quoted as some of the most promising squads back when we had yet to have the RLCS 2021-22: Fall Major. Some had high hopes for EnVy, other expected big things of the Oceanic scene. Not as many had a strong belief on Sandrock Gaming, though. And those who had, well, they were satisfied.

Sandrock Gaming, the best squad from the Middle-east and North Africa regions is coming once again representing their region. Since Mohammed “trk511” Alotaibi joined this team, they have been slowly conquering the respect of many, and proving that they are the team to bet on outside of Europe and NA.

So, coming to the Winter Major, it’s fair to expect something similar to what they managed to do back in the Fall Major. If anything, many fans are definitely hope they manage to go even further, and who knows, snap a place among the top four teams of the competition.

And honestly, this is far from something unrealistic. Sandrock Gaming has developed their own style of taking on Rocket League, and they found success with it. Their players are strong individually and the team chemistry is almost unrivalled. Sandrock Gaming isn’t the best team from their region because MENA is lacking. They are simply a competent team which are slowly becoming contenders.


Europe has a great opportunity coming to the Winter Major.

And we couldn’t forget about the European region in Rocket League either! This season had Team Queso in its spotlight, but every other team coming from Europe will be considered a contender in the Winter Major. And sure, Evil Geniuses might not be as strong as the other ones, but the rest of them have a really good chance of winning this tournament.

For Europe, the key detail that can’t be overlooked is that just like North America, they are also developing new threats. 00 Nation and Luminosity Gaming have both been improving over the course of the season, for one. Then we also had specific strong showings from the likes of Misfits and William’s Resolve. Europe definitely isn’t losing their throne any time soon.

Still, the scene is now filled with very interesting possibilities as they look forward to the Spring circuit. Team Vitality is rumoured to be parting ways with Victor “Fairy Peak!” Locquet recently. It’ll be very interesting to see what both parties do next. Karmine Corp. should also be an interesting roster to follow in the coming weeks.


March will be seeing Rocket League fans pumped out of excited as the first LAN with a live audience in over a year is set to take place in the 23rd. Until then, though, make sure to follow us here as we’ll be covering the whole event in the coming days!