January 24, 2022
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It has been just a while since we last saw it in the big stage, but Rainbow Six: Siege fans can barely wait for the next big event for Ubisoft’s hit first-person shooter game. Fortunately, the wait is coming to an end soon, as the first premier LAN event for the game in 2022 is set to start soon. The Six Invitational 2022 is in the horizon, and here you’ll find a preview of what to expect from the teams in the event, as well as tournament details you will want to know.


The Six Invitational is a 20-team yearly event hosted by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six: Siege developers in partnership with ESL. This year’s edition will be played offline from a studio in Stockholm, Sweden, and it will kick off on February 8th, and it will go on for 13 days until the grand-finals, which are set to be played on February 20th. You’ll be able to follow all the action once it starts through Rainbow Six official Twitch channel.

It’s expected that the event follows the same format as previous year’s Invitational. This means that the tournament is expected to be a two-stage event, with the group stage featuring two groups, each with ten teams each. The top four teams of each group advances to the playoffs’ upper-bracket, while the top 5 – 8th advance to the lower-bracket. All matches in the group stage are BO1s, and each team plays each other once. Each victory awards the team with one point, while defeated teams don’t get points.

At the playoffs, we should be seeing a double-bracket stage, with all games being best-of-three series but the finals. The upper-bracket team coming to the grand-final will have a one map advantage in the BO5 game.

Now, leading to the event there are some key storylines worth of being discussed beforehand. Here are our favorite stories developing at the Six Invitational.


Brazilian Rainbow Six: Siege has been on the rise for years now, and it seems far from reaching its peak. Right now, FaZe Clan, NiP and Team One are considered by many analysts and fans as the three best Siege teams in the world, and these Brazilian rosters have proved more than once that they earned this reputation.

Now, 2022 is a new year, and with reinvigorated line-ups, many teams from all over the world are heading to the new year with the objective of breaking through the Brazilian dominance. Of course, even teams from Brazil, such as FURIA are also trying to break through the stronghold established by the aforementioned trio.

So, the question is – will the three Brazilian powerhouses hold up? Team One, especially, will be the main target for the other elite teams. Unfortunately for oNe, most recent results show that they can, and will be broken. At the same time, since November these teams had plenty of time to work in themselves. They certainly improved and fixed possible issues, and it’ll be even hard to break through them now.

For Brazilians, the Six Invitational will be a chance to show that they are still the dominant force they were at the end of 2021. Furthermore, while the three squads will certainly have the spotlights, we can’t forget about the lower ranked teams. FURIA, Team Liquid – and possibly MiBR – also have the perfect opportunity to show how they have developed over the course of these past weeks. It’s a great time for Brazilian Rainbow Six, and this Invitational can consolidate the start of their era.


By this point, Siege is already a household name in the esports industry. This means that we’ve plenty of seasoned players, as well as legends in the making. The Six Invitational 2022 will be another opportunity for some of these players to further develop their legendary status.

One of these legends is Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski. Canadian has won two Invitationals in his career, and is looking for a new one with his new team, DarkZero. The player is coming to this year’s Six Invitation with high hopes as he recently detailed in an interview. He mentioned that time has helped his team to click together, and fans are certainly hopeful of what he can do.

However, Canadian is not the only legend here. Spacestation Gaming, for one, is another team from the North American region packed with Invitational winners. While Spacestation couldn’t break through the likes of NiP or FaZe last year, they had enough time to figure out and develop their game plan during this break.

Overall, the Six Invitational will be the stage where legends will be able to grow their reputation further. Can Canadian and DarkZero surprise and keep building his legacy? Will the Spacestation players get another title under their belts? Or will the Brazilians furtherly solidify their dominance and keep writing history?


It has been a long while since the 2018’s Six Invitation, where PENTA won the event and brought the trophy to European territory. Since then, we have yet to see a team from another region than the Americas winning an Invitational. While most would predict that we will once against see a team from one of the Americas taking it home again, there are a few squads looking to make history and take the trophy outside the Americas.

The first two teams that come to mind certainly are Team BDS and Team Empire. Coming from Europe and Russia respectively, these two are the strongest contenders to break the dominance established by the American rosters. In particular, BDS ended 2021 in a strong form after winning the European League Finals against the latter in dominant fashion.

However, while BDS is the strongest non-American team around, no one should underestimate the danger coming from Asia. From Thailand, we have ELEVATE. It has been a while since we last saw the Thai squad in action against elite competition, and their recent matches put a question mark on their level. But are they really completely out of contention?

Next on, there’s also the South Korean squads. DAMWON managed to put a good fight at the Six Sweden Major, including an upset against Spacestation then. Sandbox is already planning for after the Invitational, and they have admitted to have humble objectives here. Yet, they are still poised to be a dangerous team overall. And of course, we can’t forget CYCLOPS. The Japanese team managed to qualify for this year’s Six Invitational through the Asian qualifier. CYCLOPS is an incredibly interesting team to watch, and they could be this year’s surprise.


Sixteen teams from the Six Invitational qualify to the event through Ubisoft’s circuit points. Four spots, though, are awarded through regional qualifiers. The teams have to go through a difficult road in the open qualifiers, and a fierce fight in the closed qualifiers.

Two out of the four qualifiers for this year’s Invitational are already over. As we mentioned above, CYCLOPS won the Asia qualifier. Then, MNM Gaming surprised many by upsetting Vitality in the qualifiers and getting the European spot.

Now, two spots are left. In North America, we’ll be seeing a clash between 1shotLFO, Mirage, Parabellum and TSM. The squad led by Brady “Chala” Davenport are the favorites, but anything can happen now.

As for the last spot, the South American qualifier has gone through some difficulties. Due to worries related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including one player from the now disqualified Atheris squad having tested positive. The qualifier doesn’t have a date now, but we should know more about it soon.


In a matter of weeks, Rainbow Six. Siege fans will be watching the Invitational, which certainly is one of the biggest events in esports happening in February. So, in order to be fully up-to-date with the latest events in esports, make sure to follow us here!