November 30, 2021
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It’s here. Since VALORANT’s launch last year, fans have been waiting for the game’s biggest esports event, and Riot’s $1.000.000 tournament will be starting along with the new month.

Featuring sixteen teams in Berlin, the event will close Riot’s own circuit for the year, and it will certainly have some remarkable matches as we will be seeing the best teams from around the globe disputing for the title of best squad in VALORANT.

So, it’s a tournament no esports fan will want to miss – and for that reason, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about VALORANT Champions 2021!


The VALORANT Champions starts this Wednesday, December 1st, and the first match is set to start at 14:00 UTC.The opening match will see Vision Strikes against FULL SENSE.

As for the tournament format, the VALORANT Champions is a two-stage event. First, the group stage will have four groups with four teams each playing in a double-elimination format. The top two teams of each group will advance to the playoffs, which will run a single-elimination bracket. All matches of the event will be best-of-three maps but the grand-finals, which is a BO5.

Finally, Champions 2021 will be played offline in Berlin, but it will be a studio-event, which means no crowds. As for where to tune up, fans will want to follow Riot’s official VALORANT channels on Twitch and YouTube.


With all details covered, let’s now head to the five most interesting teams heading to Berlin this Wednesday.


2021 has been an incredible year for Gambit as an organization, and their VALORANT squad performance certainly has been in line with the organization successes this year. Gambit has the best VALORANT squad from the Eastern European region.

However, for Gambit, it’s not about being the best team of the CIS region anymore. It’s about taking over all of Europe, and Gambit have been making a strong case. Especially thanks to their win at the Champions Tour Stage 3: Berlin.

Now, Gambit’s performance at Red Bull Home Ground #2 might have raised some red flags, but that’s far from enough to slow Igor “Redgar” Vlasov team. Gambit is returning to Berlin aiming at the trophy and nothing else. Gambit wants to be the best team in Europe, but they have enough firepower in this squad to go above that, take the title, and be the best VALORANT squad in the world.


The Europeans at ACEND have been looking strong lately. The squad failed to Team Liquid at Red Bull Home Ground #2 grand-finals, but the team’s overall performance at the event was good enough to inspire some confidence on them going to the Champions 2021.

Now, many eyes will be looking at Team Liquid to represent Europe at the tournament, but ACEND could be another contender from the old continent at the event’s playoffs. Since the addition of Aleksander “zeek” Zygmunt, ACEND have been looking consistently good, and with the experience they had over the last half of the year, they might be packing some surprises.

Overall, ACEND is a potential dark horse coming to the VALORANT Champions. They still have to prove themselves against Gambit, Liquid, and the contenders from America. Nonetheless, they will be a very interesting team to watch in Berlin. Plus, ACEND has one of the most interesting fragging duos in the scene right now, with zeek and Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek being incredible players to watch.


Over 2021, Sentinels has become a fan-favorite team, and one of the squads leading the charge to represent the North American region in VALORANT. Now, Sentinels will be facing the challenge everyone has been waiting to see them facing: the biggest stage VALORANT has to offer.

However, Sentinels fans have reasons to worry about their team at the VAL Champions. After all, it’s hard to forget their defeat to EnVy at VCT Stage 3: Berlin quarter-finals. The team will have to clear the doubts that popped up from that loss.

Still, Sentinels is still considered by many the best team in their region – and in the world. The squad maintained a strong form for the best part of the year, and Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has been the definitive VALORANT star. For Sentinels, the VALORANT Champions is the tournament where they will prove that they deserve to be considered the best team in the world.


Team Liquid has been on a hot streak lately. The squad won Red Bull Home Ground #2, and since the VCT EMEA Last Chance, the squad hasn’t lost a single match. Liquid’s strong results came after the squad brought in Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom, and the player from Belgium have been key for their performances.

Unfortunately, the most recent news for Team Liquid are far from great. Nivera has been tested positive for COVID-19, and while the team plans to play with him in VALORANT Champions, some hiccups are to be expected. At this point, everyone is wishing a speedy recovery for the player, and fans certainly hope that he can bring his A-game to the event.

In any case, Team Liquid seems keen in leaving a strong impression at the Champions. The squad recent streak certainly helped them build momentum coming to Berlin, and now it’s time to put it to use. Nivera’s situation might complicate things, but the player and his teammates are dedicated to put their name in this event.


Vision Strikes have been a true powerhouse in Asia. The South Korean squad managed to leave a strong impression at VCT: Stage 3 – Berlin. There, they managed to defeat ACEND and Paper Rex, and they have been a dominant force in the Asian scene.

Kim “stax” Gu-taek has made clear that his squad has enough to compete for the trophy. FNATIC’s Martin “Magnum” Peňkov pointed how dangerous VS can be in a recent interview, and seems that every squad will be taking as many measures as they can against the Koreans.

Still, Vision Strikes are in Berlin with a mission. Their style will certainly make them a difficult team to play against. If they can use this in their favor, they certainly can surprise on their group – they will be in the same group as FNATIC and Cloud9 Blue – so that won’t be easy. For a team like Vision Strikers, though, it’s totally possible.


Make sure you tune up at VALORANT’s channels on Wednesday. You won’t want to miss any beat for the game’s biggest event so far in the year. In order to keep up with it, and everything esports, make sure you follow us here!